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Specialist in the design & manufacture of food grade dryers & PLC automation.

Our Services

We offer Customized Solutions. Programmable Logic Controller Design and Programming to Automate processes of Factories, Agricultural or Fish Farms, Water Purification Plants, House Automation, Solar & Battery Automation and Optimisation, Security Systems, Alternative Power Generation, Control of Generators, Greenhouses, Mining Processes, Fruit or Product Processing or Drying, interconnecting Remote Sites for Monitoring with Centralised Control from your PC or Smart phone anywhere in the world. The quality of our products & services along with our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction is what sets us apart.

PLC, Software & Automation

With years of experience in the development of customised PLC Mimic solutions and Software Programming for the food, avionics and parastatal military industries we offer you the most efficient solutions for automating your processes.

Design & Manufacture of dryers

From the outset we focus on in-depth client liaison and defining each project’s scope of work in order to provide an optimal tailor-made proposal.
From there we turn our attention to the design customization and manufacturing of the dryers – the whole process being subject to rigorous inspection and quality control. After the completion of the manufacturing process we also handle the packaging and shipping of the dryer components to wherever you are in the world. And finally we travel to your site and finalise the installation, set-up and commissioning the dryers.

Maintenance & Techical Support

We are committed to the supply of replacement parts and all relevant technical and maintenance support.

We offer On-Demand Call Out to site and we also offer consultation, sales and installation management for generators, electric automatic voltage stabilisers and electrical cables.

Our Story

Chris Bornman, the face behind Project-B, has been involved with electronics since 1991, initially focussing mainly on light current. Since then we have had many projects partnering with well know dryer Design and Installation Specialist and Engineer, Roelf De Beer of Attesa and well known Food Technologist and Plant Processes and Health Standards Specialist Willie Jacobs. After identifying room for improvement and optimization in current design and software paradigms we were able to improve the normal drying cycles with more than 2 hours whilst reducing gas consumption – this was the beginning of our unique approach and unequalled products.

Positive Feedback

Some of our many happy clients

Avoil Industries


Pictured above is our friend and esteemed client Mr. Sunil Savla, Director of Avoil Industries in Kenya.
Avoil`s installion consists of two 2 tonne hot water dryers with PLCs and we`re gearing up for another three 3 tonne dryers.

Mango So

Burkina Faso

We are grateful to Mrs. Fatoumata Riouall, Director of Mango So in Burkina Faso for graciously allowing us to mention her by name both as reference and a satisfied customer.
The Mango So installation is highly optimised, consisting of a 1,5 tonne gas dryer controlled by Temperature and Humidity Controllers as well as two additional 1,5 tonne gas dryers controlled by PLCs

Qualitas Foods


It was a great pleasure working with Mr. Amol Sakkargi, Production Manager at Qualitas and his highly efficient team.
Besides the installation of two 2 tonne hot water dryers our main responsibilities were the installation and setup of the accompanying PLCs and electrical system.

Let us help you by designing & manufacturing the best possible dryer solution for you!

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